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  1. This novel is so accurate with historical and present day accountings and desciptions. I felt as I were with Addie on each adventure. When is the next one coming out?!

    1. Thanks, Teresa – I expect to have Secrets of the Hall out in ebook by the end of October. Paperback in November. Secrets of the Soldier will come out in Fall of 2018. Glad you are enjoying Addie, and the interesting places in the book.

  2. Writing a book is an adventure. It is impossible to write without immersing yourself in the story and characters. I find that I want to know more about every place and character in Secrets of the Hall. I just realized that the pleasure of the journey is why I am dragging my feet a bit in saying the book is finished. OK – it is finished. There. Now the real work starts – the editing and publication process. I have discovered that is also an adventure. My thanks to Tony Kitto, Towneley historian extraordinaire for what he calls his “nit picking” to make the book more accurate, and to Texas Authors for providing such marvelous information and resources. And thanks especially to the more than 1,000 people who have visited my website – keep watching!

  3. After reading Chapters 1 and 2, I’m hooked! I have to find out what happens to Mary and her husband, with Queen Elizabeth becoming ever-more hostile to Catholics. How can I sign up to be notified when the book is published. (I’m not the kind to use an e-reader.)

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